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Reckless Robots Litepaper




The initial total supply of Reckless Robots was 2100 NFTs. The total supply is reduced through NFT- eliminations (burns).  The current supply can be checked through by reducing the burn address holdings from the total supply. The same info can be seen from the STATS- page in real time.


The arts

Reckless Robots NFT comes over 5 attributes and 34 traits. The amount of traits has been kept low to preserve the original base character.  All the arts have been hand-drawn.

Robots consist of differrent backgrounds, armours, back gears, scarfs and eyes. 



The price and royalties

Initial minting price was set at 200CRO / WL and 300 CRO / public sale. On the time of writing the floor price has varied in the range of about 200-300CRO. 

The royalties are paid from all secondary sales through Ebisu's Bay. The royalties percentage is 16% and the breakdown of that is the following:

- 10% staking rewards 

- 5% eliminations wallet

- 1% team wallet

The rewards are divided manually from the royalties wallet. Staking rewards wallet balance is used fully to fund the staking pools and Eliminations wallet is used to conduct the daily eliminations (burns) of NFTs.  The team wallet is used to pay monthly running fees such as website hosting, IPFS and various software licences. 


The staking

Staking has been on Reckless Robots roadmap from the beginning and the idea of passive income will stay as one of the main functions of the project. The staking has been started with our strategic partners at . The staking is funded by the royalties from secondary sales. On the first round participated (round 4 on Crodex)  Reckless Robots have been holding the top spots of APR rewarded for stakers even though we have among the highest participation percentages aswell. Reckless Robots will continue staking through Crodex on the round 5. Also on the coming months of Q3-Q4/2022 we will be looking in to possibilities of deploying to multiple staking platforms simultaneously.



The Eliminations

The Eliminations or NFT burns are conducted daily. The main idea of the eliminations is to reduce the total supply of possible NFTs available for staking. This reducement will eventually enlargen the share of the pool that the remaining NFTs hold. With this the reducement of the total supply might also have positive impact on the secondary sales prices. 

The eliminations also provide holders with the opportunity to liquidate their assets if needed without having to lower their asking price because of lack of volume on certain price levels

The probabilities and statistics have been opened up more on our medium articles. To see the real time data about the number of NFTs burnt, check out MENU-STATS.

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